Doug the paperless fir

Perspective is going 100% digital

We heard you, and we’re changing! Paper newsletters just don’t fit with green Northwest values. But we can reduce our impact on the environment, plus efficiently offer you helpful information that’s more timely, by converting Perspective to an all-electronic newsletter.

Beginning with our next (spring) edition, every Perspective reader will receive the newsletter the same way you do – via email subscription.

Of course, if you ever need a paper copy you can still access a printer-friendly version on our website. Simply go to, click the Perspective link, click on the article you want, and click the printer icon. That will print out your own paper version on your printer at home.

Although the way we deliver Perspectives changing for some readers, its value won’t. It still will focus on practical tips from nationally recognized experts and our own Northwest claims professionals to help you keep your home and family safe.

This change is a nostalgic milestone for me. I began writing PEMCO’s customer newsletter two years after its 1982 debut (then, we called it The Shield). It switched to its current color format in 2002. I recently flipped through back issues, which felt like opening a time capsule. Take a look at how our world has changed:

  1. 1983: Policy options vary for home computers. “Home computers are rapidly becoming as commonplace as televisions. State-of-the-art technology puts Pac-Man, Asteroids, grocery lists, tax information, family budgets, and more on home video screens.”
  2. 1984: CB calls aid State Troopers. “Motorists with CB radios can help the Washington State Patrol keep our highways safe.” (How common are CBs anymore?)
  3. 1985: Record your valued household belongings on film. (Yep, film.)
  4. 1987: Damage from waterbeds: are you covered?
  5. 1995: PEMCO takes its place in cyberspace. (That’s the year we launched
  6. 1996: Are your tapes or CDs safe in your car?
  7. 1999: Will the year 2000 bug sting you?
  8. 2002: Hybrid cars – are they for you? (This notes their “promising technology.”)
  9. 2003: Studies link danger between cell phones and driving.

Now, you could say Perspective is not only following technology trends on its pages, it’s following them with its pages as we switch to all-electronic delivery. As always, if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered in Perspective, just let me know:

— Jon Osterberg, editor