Bike headlamp

From your perspective:

Following our fall Perspective story on bicyclist fatalities, customer Andrejs Z. wrote:

“Bicycles are too often not readily visible to motorists, particularly at dusk. A requirement for bicycles on public streets to have a white strobe flashing forward and a red strobe aft at all times would help. This equipment is not expensive, but makes the cyclist very visible.”

Andrejs, we found bike lighting requirements may vary by location. The Cascade Bicycle Club notes that in Seattle, for example, bicycles must be equipped with a white headlight and a red rear reflector for riding after dusk. However, we agree that cyclists shouldn’t stop at those minimums. As you suggest, strobes are very effective, particularly in foggy conditions (some bicycling authorities note that powerful strobes can be distracting to drivers in clear conditions), and reflective tape placed on the frame and fenders of the bike also boosts visibility. Northwest outdoor retailer REI offers a great fact sheet on bicycle lights. See “Bike Lights: How to Choose” in’s Expert Advice section.