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summer 2015
summer 2015

Do you have a recalled appliance in your home?

Suggestion from customer Jim T.

In a five-year period, approximately 15 million appliances – from dishwashers to dehumidifiers, high-end to economy brands – are recalled by manufacturers for defects related to fire danger, according to Consumer Product Safety Commission records. And while manufacturers do what they can to get the word out, they may have no way of notifying consumers directly unless they registered their appliances when they bought them. That's no help for anyone who rents or buys a home with appliances already installed.

So how can you find out if potential danger lurks in your kitchen, laundry room, or garage? Check out, where you can enter search words like "Whirlpool range" or "Bosch dishwasher" (just include the manufacturer and type of appliance) to see if anything comes up matching your model number or the year purchased. The website covers Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls issued since 1999 and provides contact information to help you reach the manufacturer. You also can use the site's "Items I Own" tool to create a list of your appliances (as well as other items like tools, electronics, and children's products) and receive email notifications if they're ever recalled.

Want to know more? You can find additional recall information at or the Consumer Product Safety Commission's recall website.

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