Home security system

New-generation security systems give snowbirds peace of mind

If it’s been awhile since you considered a home-security system, you might be surprised how much your choices have expanded beyond the standard options of "hardwired or wireless" and "monitored or unmonitored."

With new-generation security systems, you don’t have to stop at just making life harder for would-be burglars. You can actively monitor and manage your home from anywhere via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

That’s a whole new level of peace of mind, whether you’re out shopping for the day or migrating with the snowbirds to escape our chilly Northwest winters.

Virtually all security providers – from the big names you’d recognize to relatively new players, including cable companies – offer capabilities like these:

  • Remotely arm or disarm your system.
  • View real-time video inside your home to keep an eye on pets, elderly relatives in your care, housekeepers, and repair persons.
  • Change your furnace or air conditioner settings.
  • Lock or unlock doors (a plus if out-of-town guests show up for an unexpected visit or you’ve locked yourself out of the house).
  • Turn lights on or off.
  • Receive email and text alerts about events happening at home.

A quick online search will turn up ratings for security companies and systems available in your area – as well as comments from users on topics like ease of use, contracts, help when something goes wrong, and price. Whatever system you choose, make sure you’ve discussed options to add fire and carbon-monoxide monitoring. Cost is minimal, and if the alarm sounds, your monitoring service will call the local fire department for you.

Let us know if you add a security system. You’ll receive an additional discount on your PEMCO homeowners insurance.