Keep your Super Bowl guests
safe and sober

Not every collision on Super Bowl Sunday happens on the field. A study by AAA of Southern California shows that drunk-driving accidents spike by about 75% compared with other winter Sundays.

That makes Super Bowl Sunday as dangerous as notorious "drunk-driving holidays" like New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July.

Four tips can ensure your guests are roadworthy after the confetti flies:

  1. Serve protein-rich food (slows digestion).
  2. Mix drinks modestly, and don’t be shy about cutting off guests who’ve had enough.
  3. Close the bar to everyone by the third quarter.
  4. Offer a leisurely dessert-and-coffee course before people hit the road.

If those fail, try respectful intervention ("I’ll call a cab") followed by, if necessary, craftier intervention ("misplaced" keys). For more tips, see’s "How to prevent friends from driving drunk."