Windshield Glass Damage

Dinged windshield glass is more
than just ugly

It’s the automotive equivalent of spinach stuck in your front teeth – those pesky rock chips that turn up on Northwest windshields this time of year.

But did you know dings are more than just annoying? They can create a hazard:

Distraction. Consciously or unconsciously, your eyes tend to drift toward that irritating imperfection, temporarily taking focus off the road.

Cracking. Rock chips allow moisture and dirt to creep in and increase the risk your chip will stretch into an irreparable crack, particularly in freezing weather. Police in both Washington and Oregon may ticket drivers for operating a vehicle in unsafe condition if they think a cracked windshield impairs your vision.

Our advice: Fix rock chips as soon as possible. You’ll minimize time and cost. Plus, you’ll save an unrecyclable cracked windshield from ending up in the landfill. Go to a reputable glass shop of your choice. We recommend those certified by the National Glass Association – for example, Safelite, Speedy, and Novus. (You’re always free to use any glass shop you choose.)

  • Get the repair done. If you have comprehensive coverage on your policy, PEMCO pays to repair windshield chips and your deductible will not apply. If full replacement is needed, your deductible requirement kicks in. (NOTE: Some customers opt to handle glass issues on their own. With any insurer, even a minor claim has the potential to affect premium, especially if it’s combined with unforeseen claims or traffic infractions down the line.)
  • Let the shop submit the bill electronically to PEMCO if you use your coverage. No paperwork for you; you simply drive away!