Oops! I just backed into your parked car

About 11% of Northwest drivers admit to hitting an unoccupied parked car, according to a recent PEMCO Poll. But the confession doesn’t stop there: 28% of Washington drivers say they simply drove off without leaving a note. Among Portland area drivers, 47% crashed and dashed.

That’s beyond rude. It’s hit-and-run, an offense more serious than a simple at-fault accident. Our advice: Always fess up, even if you can’t find the owner. Leave a note under the wiper documenting the damage you caused:

On (date and time), I hit your (color, make, and model), license plate (number). My (part of car) contacted your car’s (part). Please call me so that I can provide my insurance information.
(Your name, phone number)

Take a picture of the note with your smartphone as well as the damage to both cars. (That can help protect you from being blamed for any other damage to the car and, once you’ve heard from the car’s owner, it will help us process the claim.) If you think you may have inflicted more than $1,500 worth of damage in Oregon or $700 in Washington, you’ll also need to file a police report. You have 24 hours to do that in Oregon or three days in Washington.

And if you return to the parking lot only to find you’re on the receiving end of a hit and run? Call us. We can review your coverage and, if it applies, help you get your car fixed using your Collision or Underinsured Motorists Property Damage coverage.