ID smart

Your PEMCO ID Smart™ protection just got better

The face of identity theft changes constantly, and your PEMCO ID Smart protection evolves with it. Recently, we added protection for “emerging threats” that not only includes recovery services after a problem occurs, but proactive help to lessen your chances of ever becoming a victim in the first place for concerns like:

  • data security breaches. Find out what to do when a business or organization notifies you that your personal information or credit card number has been compromised.
  • email and phishing attacks. Understand the potential impact of everything from a full email account takeover to the danger of responding to phony emails (even get tips to spot scams from the start).
  • social media privacy. Learn the do’s and don’ts of protecting your online privacy and identity.
  • assisted-living exploitation. Shut down fraud and protect your loved one’s identity with guidance on legal guardianship and power of attorney.

PEMCO ID Smart is a free, value-added service ‒ yours automatically because you're a PEMCO policyholder. It's also good for family members who live in your home or assisted-living situations.

The new services are a no-cost add-on to your current PEMCO ID Smart services. You're welcome to call 1-800-GO-PEMCO anytime to be connected with a personal fraud advocate if you ever suspect your identity may have been compromised. That includes concerns like a lost wallet, odd credit card charge, lost passport when traveling, or documents (like birth certificates, vehicle titles, and more) destroyed in a fire, flood, or other disaster. To learn more, visit

PEMCO ID Smart is powered by IDentity Theft 911®, the nation’s leader in identity management and fraud education.