winter 2014

Test your severe-weather insurance IQ

How well do you know what’s covered – and what’s not – when Northwest winter weather unleashes its worst on your home and car?

Hands at 10 and 2 for safety? Think 9 and 3, instead

New guidelines from the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association suggest you move hands to 9 and 3.

How to choose a self-storage unit

Your PEMCO policy protects items in rented storage lockers the same as if they were in your home.

Prevent mold and rot in stored RVs

Leaks and improper storage can lead to rot and mold in motorhomes, campers, boats, and tent trailers just a few years old.

Loud music slows drivers’ reaction time

Canadian and British studies show your risk of an accident climbs if you get lost in a sea of pounding beats when you’re behind the wheel.

Dinged windshield glass is more than just ugly

Did you know dings are more than just annoying? They can create a hazard.

Keep your Super Bowl guests safe and sober

A study by AAA of Southern California shows that drunk-driving accidents spike by about 75% compared with other winter Sundays.

Remodeling’s winners and losers

Which remodeling jobs pay off at resale and which ones send buyers running? And once you’ve picked your project, what will it mean to your homeowners insurance?

New-generation security systems give snowbirds peace of mind

If it’s been awhile since you considered a home-security system, you might be surprised how much your choices have expanded.

From your perspective:

Is it too late to add a fuel stabilizer to my boat and other power equipment I’ve stored for the winter?

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