spring 2014

Protect your property from wildfires

Property owners near the east slope of the Cascades are best served by anticipating that every wildfire season could be, well, wild.

Now's the time to rid your roof of moss

Now's the time to show moss who's the boss - but attack with caution.

Boaters born after Jan. 1, 1955, need a Boater Education Card

Effective this year, new laws apply to Washington boaters who operate a powered watercraft of 15 horsepower or more.

From your Perspective: Will insurance rates be different for vehicles like the new aluminum Ford F-150s?

The modular design could help repair shops shave hours off their processes. Could this impact insurance costs?

From your Perspective: Is it legal to launch sky lanterns over Lake Washington?

No law singles out Lake Washington, but the lanterns are banned elsewhere in Washington.

Oops! I just backed into your parked car

About 11% of Northwest drivers admit to hitting an unoccupied parked car, but the confessions don't stop there.

Help your teen steer clear of prom-night perils

How can you help your teen safely navigate the big night - even if you weren't so safe yourself?

Seven things to do before and after you fire up the grill

Surveys show that more than half of grill owners plan a cookout for Memorial Day weekend. Make sure your grill is ready to go.

Make PEMCO part of your green Northwest lifestyle

You have the option to choose paperless deliver for most billing and policy forms.

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