Bring a PEMCO speaker to your PTSA meeting or classroom

Parents and teachers, we know that teaching teenagers to drive can be worrisome. And we'd like to help!

PEMCO employees volunteer their time to talk about insurance-related topics for high school classes and parent-teacher organizations. Our speakers are available in the greater-Seattle area (as well as some other parts of the Northwest) to offer three presentations:

For parents and PTSAs:

  • How to Improve Your Teenager's Driving
    Here's what you can do to help your teen make better choices behind the wheel.

For high school students:

  • How to Avoid Trouble on the Road
    Teenagers' driving behavior differs – here's why, and here's what you can do to help beat the odds.
  • Auto Insurance Basics
    How insurance works, why you need it, and how to keep rates down.

To learn more, please e-mail us at perspective@pemco.com.