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January 2019

Shoveling snow: Do I have to?

We're unaware of any local ordinances requiring homeowners to remove snow on their own property. When it comes to sidewalks, though, the answer can vary city-by-city.


The right way to say goodbye to your holiday tree

If you opted for a natural tree this year, you'll soon face the question of how best to dispose of it. Fortunately, most Northwest cities offer good alternatives to the landfill, including:


What to do if a pipe bursts in your home

If you arrive home to a soggy mess like the one in this video from Consumer Reports, remember SAFETY FIRST. Never step into water deep enough that it may have come in contact with electrical current.


Solid white lines, explained​

If a patrol officer waves you over when you merge onto the freeway, it may not be for cutting someone off or failing to signal. It may be a white-line violation. Not sure what that is?


I'm no millionaire. Why would I need an umbrella policy?

While umbrellas are a must for anyone who has accumulated high-value assets, your current net worth isn't the only predictor of whether or not you need extra liability insurance.


Seven myths about renter's insurance you probably believe

​Financial advisors often call renter insurance one of the biggest financial bargains you can find. If it's such a great deal, why do more than half of renters nationwide go without?


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