Solar Pie marks full year of generating power on PEMCO roof



​​SEATTLE – In spite of one of the cloudiest and rainiest years in recent memory, the Solar Pie demonstration project atop the PEMCO Insurance roof in Seattle produced more than 8,000 kilowatts of solar energy in its inaugural 12 months of operation.

Solar Pie, a Seattle-based not-for-profit solar energy company, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its partnership with PEMCO and the launch of the company’s roof-top solar panel installation at PEMCO headquarters in Seattle.

Over the past year, PEMCO’s solar panels have offset more than six tons of carbon, which represents the amount of greenhouse gases that would have been emitted if the same level of energy had been produced by fossil fuels.

"We teamed up on this project to show Seattleites what solar power can achieve in the notoriously cloudy Northwest," said Carolyn Sherwood, Solar Pie co-founder. "We’re especially pleased that PEMCO’s solar panels have inspired others in the Northwest to replicate the effort."

The home-sized panels have produced approximately 8,106 kilowatt hours of energy since the two companies flipped the switch on the project in September 2009. That’s enough power to run an average household in the state of Washington for one year.

"We’re proud to be Solar Pie’s inaugural demonstration site and stand by their mission to educate the community on the potential of solar energy in Seattle and the Northwest," said PEMCO spokesperson Jon Osterberg.

PEMCO’s street-facing time and temperature clock, known to many I-5 commuters, has been reporting the kilowatt hours generated by the panels as part of the project’s mission to show the possibilities of solar energy, despite the region’s modest sunshine.

Along with enlightening commuters, the Solar Pie information on the PEMCO clock has also accomplished exactly what Solar Pie founders Carolyn and Scott Sherwood hoped it would: the PEMCO/Solar Pie partnership has inspired others to go solar, too.

Since PEMCO’s panels debuted, Solar Pie continues to raise awareness about solar energy and has begun discussions with other Northwest organizations to replicate PEMCO’s high-profile solar roof.

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Solar Pie promotes solar energy awareness by working to create high-profile solar roofs that demonstrate the efficacy of solar energy and educate the public.

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