Prepare for heavy windstorm



​​SEATTLE – Weather forecasters predict a large windstorm will blast Washington today (Dec. 27), with winds as high as 60 mph.

As you've come to expect, PEMCO Insurance is ready to handle your windstorm claims. We're taking calls all day, all night. If you're a PEMCO customer and need help, don't hesitate to call PEMCO Claims right now:
1-800-GO PEMCO (1-800-467-3626)

PEMCO suggests these windstorm safety tips:

  1. Use common sense - stay out of harm's way.
  2. Be particularly alert for downed power lines.
  3. Replace batteries in flashlights and portable radios.
  4. Secure awnings, canopies (including truck canopies), garbage cans, barbecues, and other items that could blow away.
  5. If you rely on a well (and an electric pump) for your water, store some water beforehand in gallon containers.
  6. Don't rely on cordless phones, which don't work when there's no power.
  7. Unplug TVs, stereos, computers, and appliances to prevent surges when power is restored.
  8. If you lose power and must use a camp stove or lantern in the house, crack windows to ventilate the area.
  9. Be extremely cautious when using candles, which are a leading cause of fires even under normal circumstances. Burn candles only in a container.
  10. Be cautious at intersections, where traffic lights might lose power.
  11. If a small tree falls on your home or another structure, don't remove it while winds are gusting. Wait till winds die down, and use extreme caution. However -
  12. If it's a big tree, call PEMCO and we'll recommend a professional tree-removal company.
  13. One thing you can do is remove the inside contents of your home away from the impact area.

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