PEMCO's newest Northwest profiles debut with an appetite



​​​SEATTLE – PEMCO Insurance, the local insurer that has brought smiles to faces across the Northwest with its humorous ad campaign poking fun at our regional peculiarities, is introducing a set of new spots to the "We're A Lot Like You. A Little Different." campaign, with the first spot "Goat Renter Guy" premiering during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb 1.

"Goat Renter Guy" highlights the region's use of the rectangular-eyed ruminants to clear blackberries and other unruly patches of vegetation, blackberry, thicket, or just about any digestible overgrowth.

"Goat Renter Guy" joins about 50 other Northwest-inspired personas that make up PEMCO's campaign. Joining the lineup along with the television spot featuring the four-chambered bramble eaters are radio spots highlighting other Northwest profiles including "Desperately Seeking Sasquatch," "Public Broadcasting Pledge Drive Volunteer," and "First Snowflake Freakout Lady."

Perhaps Washington residents will find "First Snowflake Freakout Lady" slightly more recognizable given this year's winter snowstorms. Listeners will soon hear her description on the radio airwaves: "She knows it's coming. There on the double Doppler: a slight chance of accumulation mainly near the Puget Sound convergence zone ... Somewhere out there in the dark there's a slippery, malicious snowflake with evil in its heart. And neither she nor her urban assault vehicle (with optional winch adventure package) will be going anywhere tomorrow."

"Our goal with the 'We're A Lot Like You' campaign is to acknowledge we're a little different here in the Northwest," said PEMCO spokesperson Jon Osterberg. "We're a local company and like our customers, many of us have a friend who's fascinated with Sasquatch, or know the co-worker who panics at a forecast for an inch of snow. This campaign gives us a chance to celebrate the values – and quirks – we share with our Washington neighbors.

"If we made people stop for a moment, chuckle, or mention the ads to a neighbor or friend, we've succeeded," Osterberg added.

Though "Goat Renter Guy" is the ad's headlining character, the true stars of PEMCO's newest advertisement are the real-life, bramble-eating goats, hailing from Vashon Island, Wash. The four-legged critters featured in the spot are professional brush-clearing ruminants available for hire. Each animal in the 60-goat herd has its own name, and together they can clear 10,000 square feet in about three days.

The University of Washington recently called on these same goats when it needed a steep hillside between Burke-Gilman Trail and Stevens Way cleared of blackberry bushes and English ivy.

Osterberg noted that the filming of the goat commercial ran into some trouble when December's snowstorm threatened to cancel the planned shoot at a park near downtown Seattle. Luckily production was able to go on, despite a few snow-related delays. "We had a few long stares from Seattleites,” he said. “It's not often you see a herd of goats in the middle of a Seattle snowstorm."

Following the Super Bowl, community members can get a more-detailed look at "Goat Renter Guy" and the half-dozen other new profiles on PEMCO's Web site at

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