PEMCO welcomes kilt-wearing Northwest profile

“The Utility Kilter” and others join insurer’s ad campaign



​​​​SEATTLE – What is bottomless, has no top, enjoys loud music, and comes in light blue or green? The latest set of quirky Northwest profiles to debut from PEMCO Insurance’s popular “We’re A Lot Like You. A Little Different.” ad campaign. 

PEMCO’s “We’re A Lot Like You” campaign features a host of local, familiar profiles of Northwest people, and it pays tribute to the subtle quirks that make us a little different around here. The company launched the campaign in 2007 with Northwest icons such as “Sandals and Socks Guy” and “Blue Tarp Campers,” and PEMCO continues to introduce memorable characters as a way to celebrate the Northwest’s shared values and regional flair. 

The latest Northwest-inspired profiles are “The Utility Kilter,” “Top’s-Down Heat’s-Up Driver,” “Pill Hill Scrubs,” and “The Gorge Groupie.”

Northwest Profile #41, “The Utility Kilter,” is a proud burly man often spotted on a bench in Seattle’s Pioneer Square (legs crossed, of course) who is never bound by the constraints of pants.  He strolls triumphantly as if to say, “I am who I am. I’m wearing a utility kilt, not a man skirt, and I’m ready for anything, except maybe a cold gust of wind.” 

Northwest Profile #32 is “Top’s-Down Heat’s-Up Driver,” the optimistic motorist known for cruising with his ragtop down and heated leather seats turned up, spotted as soon as the rain stops falling and the weatherman calls for 48 degrees and sunbreaks. 

Also new is Northwest Profile #61 “Pill Hill Scrubs,” a familiar sight in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood where medical centers and hospitals abound.  Do they work at Swedish? Harborview? Virginia Mason? “Pill Hill Scrubs” are often spotted in line at the neighborhood’s pizza joints donned in operating room attire – or do they just wear those things to pick up girls who are going to the gym? 

Last, “The Gorge Groupie” is Northwest Profile # 44. This concert-goer’s summer begins with the Sasquatch Festival in May and ends with three days of Dave Matthews in September.  He’s seen driving with windows down, tunes up en route to the Eastern Washington amphitheater. What typically happens when he gets there involves music, staring at the stars, and unlit walks back to camp that involve climbing into the wrong tent. 

“One of our goals with the ‘We’re A Lot Like You’ campaign is simply to make people smile,” said PEMCO spokesperson Jon Osterberg. “We continue to hear from people who say they see themselves or their friends and neighbors in these quirky profiles.”

Fans of the campaign can look forward to a set of new radio spots and Northwest-profile ads featuring the newest additions.  For a more-detailed look at these and other Northwest profiles, visit

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