PEMCO prompts fewest complaints



​​SEATTLE – Once again, objective government data shows that PEMCO Insurance prompts the fewest complaints among major auto insurers doing business in Washington.

Washington State Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn's office has released its latest edition of "How Does My Insurance Company Rate?" The report shows how many formal complaints were filed against each auto insurance company operating in Washington. It lists a complaint ratio for each year that compares the number of complaints received per $1 million in premium. That allows a comparison of companies regardless of their size.

PEMCO defines a "major" insurer as one with significant premium volume in Washington - more than $10 million dollars.

In 1999, the last year for which financial statistics are complete, PEMCO's ratio was 0.47 based on premium volume of $219,564,000. PEMCO also had the lowest ratio among major insurers in 1998 (0.49) and 1997 (0.48).

The statewide average ratio is 0.96.

"This is significant," said Rod Brooks, PEMCO's Marketing director. "It's quantifiable, objective data that supports what we've said for years: PEMCO consistently delivers superior service. Lots of companies say they're the best. But isn't customer satisfaction the best way to measure service, and overall value?

"In this case," Brooks said, "When people don't talk, they say a ton."

Here is a partial list of companies and their complaint ratios, from the new Insurance Commissioner's report:

  1. Allstate 2.02
  2. Geico 1.05
  3. Farmers 0.72
  4. Hartford 1.71
  5. Mutual of Enumclaw 0.60
  6. Nationwide 1.20
  7. PEMCO 0.47
  8. Progressive 1.18
  9. SAFECO 0.59
  10. State Farm 0.55
  11. USAA 0.53
  12. Unigard 0.96