PEMCO Insurance launches edgy ad campaign lauding responsible behavior



​​SEATTLE – PEMCO Insurance launched its largest advertising campaign to date this week in a provocative series that focuses on the merits and challenges of personal responsibility.

The campaign includes television commercials, print ads, Internet ads, outdoor billboards, and transit ads across Washington. The television, radio, and newspaper ads began February 25, followed by Internet ads March 1. Billboards and transit ads will appear in April.

According to Rod Brooks, vice president of marketing for PEMCO, the campaign breaks new ground for the 53-year-old insurance company. "We took a different approach with this campaign by focusing on a series of real-life experiences that candidly illustrate the challenges people face in pursuit of responsible behavior," he said.

"The ads are edgy, and even a bit provocative, but right on target when it comes to showcasing why personal responsibility is critical in every facet of our lives," Brooks noted.

The first television ads feature a discussion between an adolescent girl and her mother after the girl asks, "Mom, did you ever do drugs?" The mother, caught off guard by the question, ponders the answer while the statements, "Responsibility is uncomfortable, responsibility is inconvenient, responsibility is worth it" appear on the screen. Finally, the mother responds, "I'm glad you asked that. We should talk about that."

Brooks said the first of the TV ads was intentionally edgy, and ambiguous in its ending. "We've tried to show that responsible behavior isn't always black and white, and it isn't always the easiest path to take," Brooks said. "As an insurer, PEMCO wants to acknowledge the efforts of those who do go the extra mile to act responsibly.

"The people who recognize the value of personal responsibility are the people we want to insure, and they're the people who deserve the absolute best from their insurance company," Brooks added.

PEMCO's internal creative team, headed by PEMCO creative director Don Young, and Seattle ad agency DNA Brand Mechanics developed the campaign.

"We are extraordinarily happy with the work," said Alan Brown, co-founder of DNA Brand Mechanics. "We were able to work with PEMCO to craft a concept that reflects the values of PEMCO customers as well as PEMCO's internal values. The campaign is progressive in its messaging and delivery, yet right on target in representing PEMCO and its brand."

The concepts created for the year-long advertising campaign also will carry through other PEMCO promotions including direct mail and marketing communications efforts.

PEMCO Insurance, established in 1949, is a Seattle-based provider of auto, home, boat, life, and umbrella insurance to Washington residents. PEMCO Insurance is sold by community agents throughout the state, as well as through PEMCO offices.