PEMCO does not use Colossus



​​SEATTLE – The news media has focused its attention recently on Colossus, a computer program that attempts to analyze and evaluate characteristics of personal-injury losses to arrive at an objective value for those damages. We've received many inquiries from our customers asking if we use Colossus.

Here's what you should know about PEMCO and Colossus:

1. PEMCO does not use Colossus. We have never used it, and we probably never will. That was a conscious decision on our part.

2. There's nothing inherently wrong with Colossus - it's merely a software tool that can be used to help people assess damages. In PEMCO's judgment, Colossus can't account for ALL the characteristics of any specific claim, specifically the human-element aspect. That's why we rely on our adjusters to use their own judgment, instead.

3. Relying solely - or even primarily - on a computer recommendation like Colossus runs against our value system and our business principles, which center on PEMCO's relationship with its customers.