PEMCO Insurance Acts to Improve Customer Service

PEMCO Insurance now offers live operators to answer calls during business hours



​​​SEATTLE – While auto-attendants, e-ticketing, and similar conveniences have changed the face of customer service forever, PEMCO Insurance is reverting to a more traditional way of conducting business – it has begun answering calls to its toll-free line with live operators.

PEMCO's motivation for offering live operators is part of the mutual insurance company's continued effort to enhance the customer-service experience for existing and potential customers. 

"When we asked our members what we could do to serve them better, we heard – loud and clear – answer the phone instead of dropping callers into a phone tree," said PEMCO spokesperson Jon Osterberg.  "Connecting with our members in real time allows us to build stronger relationships with them while separating ourselves from our competitors."

Since live operators began answering the 1-800-GO-PEMCO line on December 24, 2007, the company has received resoundingly positive feedback. 

"People have been happily surprised and grateful about it.  Overall, the new 'old' approach has been very well received," Osterberg reported.

PEMCO noted that other companies that use well-versed operators – Nordstrom for example – consistently rate very highly among consumers. "Our customer service professionals consistently win awards and recognition for delivering top-notch service over the phone, so extending that to our front-line operations made a lot of sense," Osterberg said.

"We took extra care to ensure that we equip our operators with the information and knowledge to be as helpful as possible," he added. "It took more work than we initially thought, but based on customer response, it was worth it."

An auto-attendant may still field some customer calls during times of extraordinarily high call volumes, such as after storms or other rare events, but the company's goal is to answer 95 percent of calls with a live operator during normal business hours.  
About PEMCO Insurance
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