PEMCO Insurance tops consumer survey of insurance companies for second year in a row

Local insurance company beats out national competition, continues rise in ranking



​​SEATTLE – In a recently conducted survey, consumers named PEMCO Insurance the best auto insurance company overall for the second year in a row, ranking the Washington-state insurer above national competition and continuing its rise in the annual consumer survey.

Seventeen percent of respondents chose PEMCO Insurance as the best overall auto insurance company, up from 15 percent a year ago. The survey ranked State Farm second with 13 percent of the votes and Allstate third with nine percent.

"We focus very hard on trying to surpass every customer's expectations, every time," said Stan McNaughton, CEO of PEMCO Insurance. "So it pleases us that so many customers had positive experiences, and I'd like to thank them for the compliment to our company."

The independent survey, conducted yearly by GMA Research, asked 400 randomly selected households in the Puget Sound region which company or brand in several different categories is the best overall, based on customer service, product quality, value, selection, etc.

PEMCO Insurance first showed up on the survey in 1999 with nine percent of the respondents voting for the company as best overall. Since then, PEMCO's brand share has continued to increase, to 12 percent in 2000, 13 percent in 2001 and 15 percent in 2002.

"Our increased marketing efforts have no doubt exposed more consumers to PEMCO, but exposure isn't enough to convince consumers to vote you as the best brand," said Rod Brooks, vice president and chief marketing officer for PEMCO Insurance. "This is an award for the entire company, not just the marketing department. It's about who we are, what we stand for, and how we strive to behave."

Brooks noted that even though PEMCO's marketing budget for Washington state is relatively small compared to national insurance companies such as Safeco and State Farm, PEMCO's brand gained similar or better recognition.

PEMCO also reached another achievement in this year's survey by gaining slightly more votes than the 'I don't know' category, which received 16 percent of the votes.

"PEMCO's ranking this year is an exception to the rule; usually the biggest share-of-mind goes to the 'I don't know' category," said Don Morgan, president of GMA Research. "There's a significant number of consumers in all categories who can't think of a single company or brand that stands out."

Besides auto insurance companies, GMA Research also gave Puget Sound Brand Survey rankings for health care insurance companies, real estate companies, cellular phone companies, grocery stores, home improvement stores, auto parts stores, clothing retailers and airlines.