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​Develop a family fire-escape plan

Escape plan list  

If your home caught fire tonight, would everyone in the family know how to get out safely? They would if you had a fire-escape plan and practiced it at least twice a year, as recommended by organizations like the National Fire Protection Association. As part of your plan:

  • Be sure all members of the family know at least two ways to get out, especially from bedrooms.
  • Make sure windows can be opened quickly and ladders are accessible.
  • Establish a safe meeting place outside the home so you can account for all family members.
  • Tell everyone never to go back inside a burning home.

If you’re faced with a fire, follow these tips:

  • Don’t open doors if they feel hot. Stop, look, and listen for fire.
  • More fire victims die from smoke than burns. Smoke rises. To escape, crawl under it.
  • In high-rise buildings, escape the flames using the stairs. Don’t use the elevator.
  • If your clothes catch fire, don’t run. Stop where you are. Drop to the ground. Roll until you smother the flames.

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