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​Be garage-door smart to avoid injury, inconvenience

man using garage door opener to access house 

As long as they open and close when we push the button, garage doors hardly get more than a second thought from most of us. But the truth is, there’s more to your garage door than you may realize. It’s essentially a moveable wall, making it the largest and potentially most dangerous movable object in your home. PEMCO and the International Door Association remind you:

  1. Garage doors can cause serious injury, even death

    A lthough garage doors have improved since 1993 (the year all newly manufactured doors were required to have an automatic reverse feature to reduce the risk of entrapment), they still account for a surprising number of emergency room visits each year, particularly among children.
  2. Don’t ignore a malfunctioning door and simply hope it works properly next time

    Call a qualified garage door technician at the first sign of trouble.
  3. Don’t attempt to repair or adjust your garage door yourself

    The springs are under very high tension and can cause serious injuries if they release unexpectedly or if the door slams shut abruptly.
  4. Make annual professional inspections of your garage door a priority

    A qualified garage door technician will make sure it’s properly adjusted and lubricated and will replace any worn parts. An easy way to remember: Set up your inspection at the same time you schedule your annual furnace maintenance.

To learn more about garage door safety, visit, sponsored by the International Door Association.

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