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Six tips for making a video inventory

​Take this test: Choose a dresser drawer and, without opening it, try to write down everything inside. Then open the drawer. Surprised at how much you missed? Imagine having to do that for a whole houseful of belongings after a devastating fire.

A video inventory can lift that burden if you ever need to file an insurance claim​.

Here’s how to make an inventory:

  1. Start your video by introducing yourself. Give the date, your name, address, a brief history of your home, when you bought it, and any renovations.​
  2. ​Pick a room and, starting at the doorway, pan to show furnishings and finishes.​
  3. Zoom in on individual items, naming and describing each briefly (brand; age; features; price, if known). Capture serial numbers, if possible.
  4. Open every drawer and closet, showing their contents.
  5. Repeat for every room, including the garage, and store your inventory AWAY from home (in a safe deposit box or at work).
  6. Update your record periodically to include new purchases and improvements.

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