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​Don't be an easy target for arson

Burning house 

Arson is the intentional burning of property for fraud, revenge, spite, or even just to turn in an alarm and play “hero.”

Thousands of innocent victims are hurt or killed in fires set deliberately. Besides the horrible human toll, arson also increases taxes and insurance premiums. Arsonists cost the public more than a billion dollars each year.

PEMCO helps combat arson by investigating suspicious fire claims. Here are some things you can do:

  • Lock up your home

    Secure your home and garage by locking doors and windows.
  • Eliminate easy fire fuel

    Get rid of wastepaper, dead grass, weeds, litter, or combustibles around the outside of your home, garage, or carport.
  • Keep trash and recycling low

    Don’t overfill dumpsters or garbage cans. Keep them at least five feet from combustible walls, openings, or eaves. Use only metal or metal-lined receptacles.
  • Light your home

    Keep indoor and outdoor lights on when it’s dark outside. Install timing devices that turn on lights automatically when they sense darkness or movement outside the home.

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