Answers to your boat insurance questions

Your PEMCO Auto Policy will provide liability on the auto, boat, and trailer for any bodily injury or property damage for which the driver is found liable. The Mariner Policy will cover physical damage to the boat and trailer.
Fishing and sports equipment attached to the boat, such as a fish finder or down rigger, would be covered as part of the watercraft. Equipment like fishing poles, water skis, and tackle boxes are considered personal effects and have a coverage limit of $500 on the Mariner Policy. Additional coverage for your personal effects may be found under your PEMCO Homeowners policy.
Absolutely! Make waves with confidence knowing PEMCO’s got you covered.
That depends on the type of loss and the coverage you select. Total losses are covered at either actual cash value or agreed value, depending on the coverage option you chose when you bought your policy. "Actual cash value" means payment will take into account depreciation for age and condition. "Agreed value" means we'll pay the agreed amount listed on the policy's Declarations, without deducting for depreciation. Partial losses are covered at either actual cash value or, if you selected agreed value, replacement cost.
An outboard trolling motor is covered only if it's specifically declared in your Mariner Policy. To add a motor to your policy, call 1-800-GO-PEMCO (1-800-467-3626).
There is liability and medical payment coverage available as long as you weren't in a sanctioned ski competition.
The dinghy is automatically covered under Coverage A, Damage to Your Property, if it's being used solely as a dinghy for your vessel.