What’s included with boat insurance?

Protection for your watercraft and personal items onboard

Whatever name people use for it – “boaters insurance,” “sailboat insurance,” or “watercraft insurance” – PEMCO boat insurance earns top customer reviews for year-around protection whether you’re docked or out on the water. Coverage is good anywhere in the continental United States (excluding Alaska) and Canada on all inland lakes, rivers, and navigable waterways. You’re also covered 75 miles off the Pacific Coast of either the continental United States (excluding Alaska) or Canada (including the Queen Charlotte Islands, but not more than 12 miles off their western shore).

Damage to Your Boat Coverage

Pays for damage to your boat, personal watercraft, motor, or trailer caused by an accident.

Replacement Coverage for Personal Belongings

Pays up to $500 for replacing personal non-boating items (such as clothing and sporting equipment) while on board.

Agreed Value Coverage

If you have this coverage and your watercraft package is a total loss, we’ll pay the agreed amount listed on your policy. This coverage protects you from depreciation of value over time.

Emergency Service Coverage

Provides coverage for labor at the site of the breakdown, towing to the nearest repair facility, and delivery costs for fuel, oil, or a battery.

Protection for you and your passengers

If you or a family member is ever hurt in a boating accident, PEMCO protects you with:

Underinsured Boater Coverage

Pays medical costs if you or a family member is hurt in an accident with another boater without insurance — or with too little insurance. Not everyone is as responsible as you are.

Medical Payments Coverage

Pays medical and funeral expenses for everyone on a covered boat if an accident causes bodily injury or death. If you have more than one boat, then all must have the same limit of coverage.

Loss of Income Coverage

Included with Medical Payments Coverage, Loss of Income Coverage pays up to $200 per week when a covered person is disabled because of a boat accident.

Protection from liability

Get peace of mind if you’re ever found legally liable for an injury or damage on the water:

Liability Coverage

May pay when you or a family member is legally liable for either bodily injury or property damage while using your boat. Takes care of defense costs if you must go to court.