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Westlake Center Tree Lighting: Arboreal Pride in the Northwest

Monday, November 29, 2010by  WALLY Team

Last Friday evening, 30,000 revelers gathered downtown Seattle to light a beacon of holiday spirit -- 25,000 L.E.D. beacons to be precise -- at the Westlake Center Tree Lighting Ceremony sponsored in part by PEMCO Insurance. Saturday morning, after the fanfare had settled, Brad and I drove the WALLY1 van to the Westlake Center Plaza to visit with holiday shoppers as they got in touch with their arboreal pride.

Westlake Center's 60-foot Turkish Fir, ablaze with lights and adorned with all the trimmings got us to thinking about holiday traditions, so we asked Northwest residents a little about their own.

One such Seattleite is Jennifer Johnson, who tells us her family's pure white tree with black and white cow ornaments is defintiely a little different. "I don't know even how it got started. I just like cows," she says.

Speaking of holiday traditions that are a little different, Jon, a Northwest Male Action Figure from Sammamish, tells us he's found an ideal hiding spot for Christmas presents in the rooftop storage rack on his car. Now we're wondering where he puts his skis!

The Johnson family at Westlake Center 

The Johnson family is dreaming of a black and white Christmas.

The Dickens Carolers at Westlake Center
"Bah humbug" to the Confused East Coast Transplant who told us there were no carolers in the Northwest. We met Russ and his group, The Dickens Carolers, and even their outfits were pitch perfect. 

What are the other quirky holiday habits of the Northwest?  Tell us about your traditions - or ones you've spotted -- in the comments section below.


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