WALLY beats the heat at the Tri-City Water Follies

If you ask anyone from the Tri-Cities what their favorite summertime event is, their response would likely be the Tri-City Water Follies. When the WALLY team arrived at Columbia Park, we were greeted by one of the event coordinators, Kay Metz, who explained that these highly-anticipated hydroplane races attract "thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people,” all who would be arriving the following day.

Well, he sure wasn’t exaggerating, as thousands of people packed the park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to witness the hydroplane races and air shows. As a Tri-Cities native, Kay grew up enjoying the hydroplane races, and he didn't hesitate to share his knowledge with us. His father was one of the people who started the Tri-City Water Follies and what's even more fitting is that Kay is a loyal PEMCO customer!

Kay was just one of many friendly faces we met over the weekend. Everyone we met was in great spirits and excited to cheer for their favorite team, including hydro fans of all ages.

The WALLY team took over 800 photos during the Water Follies weekend, and people were so grateful for their souvenir photos. It's moments like this and interactions with wonderful people, like Kay Metz, that make the events we attend so memorable and fun. We had a fantastic time and look forward to another weekend of great events!

by  Kelsey Wickman



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