Trailer buffs circle their vintage wagons

You’re familiar with vintage-car shows. How about vintage trailers?
   Around 100 classic trailers converged at Runje Field in Roslyn on June 14 for the fourth annual vintage trailer rally. Just like with classic cars, trailer enthusiasts buy and restore old rigs, often with a theme in mind – cowboys, fishing, 1950s Americana with pink flamingos – and congregate to gawk at them and swap stories.
   One entrant finished restoring her trailer just in time for the Roslyn rally, then slept overnight in it, a pleasant but rather chilly experience. She said that’s part of the appeal – vintage trailers lack the comforts of modern flatscreen-equipped RVs, which “give you a reason not to converse with each other.” Read the Ellensburg Daily Record article and browse its photos of the event.

by  Jon Osterberg



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