The WALLY team celebrates at the finish line of the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic

Monday, July 15, 2013by  Kelsey Wickman

Over the weekend, we packed the WALLY van full of giveaways, a prize wheel and three team members, and we made the trip down to Portland. The team was excited to take part in the Finish Line Festival at the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic, also known as the STP. Our team left Seattle early Saturday morning around the same time as the cyclists, and amazingly, we just barely beat the first finishers to the Rose City.

More than 10,000 riders participated in this 200-mile ride through Washington and Oregon. Most of the riders stopped by our booth at the Finish Line Festival, and the WALLY team was curious to know how they felt after their long journey. Much to our surprise, the vast majority of those who stopped by felt “great” and “amazing!” One of the only complaints we heard from the riders was that they were sore from sitting on a bike seat for so long!

Not only did we get to meet these amazing riders, young and old, but we also had the opportunity to engage with their loyal supporters, who stopped by to make signs of encouragement to hold up as the riders crossed the finish line.

One family was at the finish line cheering on a family member who was 70-years-old, completing his 35th STP ride! Another great story came from a one-day-rider who made a sign of encouragement shortly after crossing the finish line. This sign was for his wife, who crossed the finish line on the second day. For this rider, the STP ride was easy compared to his upcoming ride across the entire state of Oregon, which will cover more than 500 miles in 48 hours with more than 4,000 feet of altitude climb! 

The WALLY team had another great weekend in Portland, celebrating the accomplishment of all STP riders. We can’t wait to be back next year! 

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