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The Stinky Spoke: A Stinky Weather Poker Ride

Monday, January 18, 2010by  WALLY Team

Smiling, mud-speckled 'NW Action Figures' were out in spades Saturday, pedaling their way through the Stinky Weather 'Stinky Spoke' Poker Ride in Woodinville, WA. Peter and I were on the scene with the WALLY1 van and the NW Profiles Photo Program helping out with the fun, dealing cards and taking pictures of rosy-cheeked poker faces.

The weather was uncooperatively pleasant for the third annual event, which is intentionally scheduled to land on the crummiest day of the year. Light rain and sun seemed to be all Mother Nature could muster up for the 'stinky' weather ride, which leads bikers between checkpoints where they gather playing cards in hopes of having a good enough hand at the end to win a prize.

Undeterred by the mild conditions, Shannon and Dave came out to ride, despite being one bike short. Fortunately, they won the auction to ride the popular 'Stinky Pinky' beach cruiser. 'We took turns. It was a lot of fun,' Shannon said.

Sticky Pinky Biker Rider Shannon shows off the 'Stinky Pinky'

We snagged a few of the riders to share their favorite parts of the 16-mile race:

'Fishtailing in the serpentine muddy section.'

- Brian, Whidbey Island


'Going up Torture Hill. I think they actually call it that.'

- Jeremy, Bothel


'Spinning my tires in the mud trying to pull my son's trailer up the big hill. Didn't make it.'

- Brian, Renton


'I fell over twice—once on a turn and once just grabbing my next card.'

- Rosie, Seattle


Wayne from Redmond couldn't help but look his best for the muddy ride. We asked him if he'd be wearing his trophy splatters to work on Monday. 'No, I don't think so!' he said.

Wayne mud splattered ensemble with tie biker rider Wayne in his mud-splattered ensemble


Brian and Jennifer brought their 21 month-old son, Connor, along for the ride:


Child sitting in biker seat 


Bikers and children stroller 

So much for the view, eh Connor?

Sue, Pam, Sherrie and Rhonda posed for a moment on the 'Stinky Pinky' beach cruiser:

Flower bike and four girls

biker on small bike smiling  


The Stinky Spoke winning hand was a straight flush, but we're willing to bet everyone went home feeling like a winner. Until next time, drop us a note about your favorite Stinky Spoke moment, and be sure to keep an eye out for WALLY1 and the Fiercely Northwest Wi-Fi Hotspot in your neighborhood!

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