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The rain doesn't stop a true Northwesterner

Friday, June 19, 2009by  WALLY Team

A few clouds and a light drizzle does nothing to dampen the spirit of a true Northwesterner — this proved to be the case last night as more than 29,000 fans came to support the Sounders in hopes of a victory over DC United — the top team in the country.

Peter, Suz and I concluded that this fickle Seattle weather — sun one minute, rain the next — actually brought out more fans than any other event thus far.  What can I say?  We Northwesterners feel most comfortable showing our true colors on overcast days!

What I like most about my travels with the PEMCO Brand Ambassadors are the interesting things we see and the wonderful stories we hear on the road. This time proved to be no different. At Sounders games we usually run our photo program where we take and print pictures of fans showing off their favorite 'Scarfs Up!' pose. One family told us they've chosen to use their ''I Know I Am, I'm Sure I Am' Sounders FC Fan' photo as their Christmas card this year! It's pretty cool to know we have a hand in capturing cool memories for great NW people!

While working this event, we saw countless colorful, enthusiastic fans.

Northwest profile 26

But what I'll remember from this event is Duffy and Jared, a father and son from Seattle who get their photo taken with us at every Sounders home game. Without fail, rain or shine, Duffy and Jared come up to our booth every game with a beaming smile. They stand patiently in line for a photo op. We never really asked why it was they keep coming back every Sunday, but when we finally asked they exclaimed, 'We just love the ads and this photo idea is great! And, we get our picture taken because it brings good luck!'


In honor of Jared and Duffy, we the PEMCO Brand Ambassadors offer our readers a Happy Father's Day!

 Join us at the Fremont Fair in Seattle and the Taste of Washington in Spokane this weekend. And of course we'll be at Qwest for the next Sounders home game on June 28. Until then, Let's Go Sounders!

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