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Sounders vs. D.C. United: World Cup Worthy

Saturday, June 12, 2010by  WALLY Team

Will Seattle have the chance to host the World Cup some day? It was the talk of the town at this week's Sounders FC match. Will I-5 traffic come to a standstill with so many football fans in the Northwest? Will the new light rail be completed in time? Where will our international guests stay? What if it rains? Do we have that many blue tarps?

There are a lot questions to address before that happens but one thing is for sure - Sounders FC fans are already World Cup worthy.

On Thursday, Sounders FC fans gave their full 90 right up to the World Cup break as our local lads took on D.C. United at Qwest Field. Safely anchored to our big green WALLY1 van, Danielle, Peter and I snapped souvenir photos as World Cup fervor swept 'I Know I Am, I'm Sure I Am Sounders FC Fans' into Qwest Field for the last chance to cheer for the team until July 11. They made the most of it as the roaring blue and green roused spectacular back-to-back goals in the last minutes of the game.

Check out these photos of Sounders FC fans who came to see us before settling in for a month of flag-waving, DVR-programming, caffeine-drinking World Cup fun:

Four generations of women Sounders FC fans outside the stadium 

Meet four generations of the most dedicated Sounders fans around: great-grandmother, Patricia; grandmother, Dixie; daughter, Ryan; and her niece, Divinity. Not a match goes by without this spirited quadruplet in attendance and they have the photos to prove it!

Sounder fan Don outside the stadium 

Fanatical facial hair will always have a place at Sounders matches. Here's Don with a look that's been four years in the making.

Excited Sounders FC fan outside the stadium 

Caffeine can be a Sounders FC fan's best friend!

Keep Old Glory looking its best and brightest for the World Cup by stopping by PEMCO's main Seattle office this Monday, June 14, for our Flag Day Ceremony and free flag exchange with the American Legion Post 1. Go USA!

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