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Six seconds that can save your home (and maybe, a life)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017by  Derek Wing

fire extinguishersSix seconds. That’s how long experts say you have to knock down a small fire with fire extinguisher before it grows out of control.

Just how fast is that? It takes about six seconds to read the two sentences above! With so little time, you’d better know exactly what to do once that fire extinguisher is in your hand.

But sadly, few of us do, according to the latest PEMCO NW Poll. And about a quarter of us don’t even own a fire extinguisher!

Only 35% of Washington women said they felt confident they could use a fire extinguisher correctly (41% of Oregon women reported confidence). Interestingly, many more men – about three out of four – claimed top-notch fire-extinguisher know-how.

So that got me thinking. The next time you’re looking for a way to show that special someone how much you care ... look no farther than the fire extinguisher hanging in your garage. Teach her how to use it! Ditto for your tween and teen kids.

(If you need a refresher yourself, check out the P-A-S-S technique first.)

It won’t send her heart fluttering like a surprise bouquet. But the message is unmistakable: Your safety and peace of mind matter to me!

Read full results of the poll of 1,200 Washington and Oregon residents by Seattle’s FBK Research. 

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