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Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic: Riders deserve giant pat on the back

Wednesday, July 21, 2010by  WALLY Team

10,000 people, 202 miles, two days and one long bike ride! This weekend, Steven and I made the trek across the border into Oregon for the 31st annual Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. With riders as old as 87 and as young as 22 months, and from 43 states and over seven different countries, STP proved that age and location don't exclude you from this ride!

While running our photo program at the finish line in Holladay Park, we had the opportunity to watch as thousands of family members and friends supported their loved ones as they finished the ride and caught their breath after pedaling for hours on end. It was at the finish line that we met the Turner family who showed up with a cape for their father who has tackled the STP ride the past four years. "This is the second year we have brought him the Superdad cape," daughter Kaitlin said, beaming with pride as Dad wore it proudly.

The Turner family at the STP finish line

Superdad poses with his super family after finishing the grueling ride.

The atmosphere around the park was one of accomplishment and relief as riders traded their biking shoes for bare feet and their spandex for loose fitting clothing.  A hot shower and a warm bed were on the cyclists' minds as the ride came to a close Sunday afternoon. The riders deserved that and so much more! The STP was an excellent testament to what can be accomplished when you put your mind to something. Whether they were riding solo, tandem, or three across, all the riders deserve a giant pat on the back. 

Trio at finish line with their three-person bike

This trio completed STP in style on their three-person bike.

Rest up from the ride and we'll see you again soon on our own Northwest road trip.

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