Portland jaywalking case raises questions

An X-ray technician arrested in 2010 for jaywalking in downtown Portland is in federal court claiming wrongful arrest and excessive force.
   This article in The Oregonian focuses on the unusual circumstances of the arrest, in which the plaintiff admits he jaywalked across an intersection trying to catch a bus.
   The story brings to mind a 2011 PEMCO Poll of Washington residents: Nearly one-third (31%) admitted they jaywalk “often” or “sometimes,” while 70% said jaywalkers should be ticketed.
   Not everyone is clear on what constitutes jaywalking. Most people know that crossing a street between intersections, where there is no marked crosswalk, is jaywalking. Fewer recognize that entering a marked crosswalk while the light is red is jaywalking. Read the results of our 2011 jaywalking poll as well as the news release on our findings.

by  Jon Osterberg



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