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Portland Food Cartlandians take to the streets for Cartathlon V

Friday, January 1, 2010by  Mason Luvera

The WALLY team kicked off March by attending one of the quirkiest events of all, Cartathlon V! This mobile eatery-themed scavenger hunt takes place in Portland and never has a shortage of fun! Teams race around completing challenges, collecting items and tasting food, and while the food is delicious, our favorite part of the event is learning the eccentric team names and seeing the wacky costumes! The WALLY team narrowed it down to our top 5 for each category!

WALLY Team Top 5 team names:

1. Game of Scones
2. Jalapeño Business
3. 50 Shades of Grey Poupon
4. The Walking Bread
5. Raiders of the Lost Food Cart

WALLY Team Top 5 costumes:

1. Toast Busters – These hand-crafted costumes helped the Toast Busters capture their Toast Ghost

Toast Busters team 

2. Cartyoncé – This group channeled their inner diva to help complete their challenges!

Cartyonce team 

3. Orange You Glad We’re Bananas – Nothing’s wackier than seeing a group of bananas walking around Portland!

Orange You Glad We're Bananas team 


4. Bento Boxers – Each team member was a different type of Sushi, how creative!

Bento Boxers team 

5. Super Foods – These superheroes combined powers to fly by their competition!

Super Foods team 


All this creativity made the WALLY team hungry! If you consider yourself a Portland Food Cartlandian, share with us some of your favorite food carts that satisfy your Northwest appetite!

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