New 520 bridge now stretches shore to shore

In case it escaped notice, workers lowered the last precast section of roadway deck onto the new Highway 520 floating bridge last week.
     According to the Washington State Department of Transportation’s timetable, motorists will be driving across the new 520 bridge this spring.
     Work crews used Manson Construction’s barge-mounted crane to lower the precast deck section, the last of 776, less than a year after the first one was installed. Cement trucks now can drive across the span to pave the western high-rise.
     These photos (courtesy of Manson) show progress over the past year. Not all that long ago, crews lowered the girders spanning the eastern high-rise that now provides 70 feet of clearance for boat traffic – 15 feet more than 520’s current high-rise.
    The bottom photo shows progress on the bridge as of Nov. 30 last year. On Feb. 17, crews floated pontoons into place that blocked 520’s drawspan, and since then commuters have watched the bridge stretch all the way from Bellevue to the western high-rise, now connected to the floating section.
     Altogether, the new bridge is 7,710 feet long (1.46 miles), 132 feet longer than the current Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. See the Bellevue Reporter article.

by  Jon Osterberg



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