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National Night Out Against Crime: Safe and Sound in Everett

Thursday, August 5, 2010by  WALLY Team

On Tuesday night, Steven, Peter, and I headed to Everett for the 27th annual National Night Out Against Crime event to link up with members of the Everett community and learn more about crime awareness and prevention. We joined together with police officers, military personnel, and community businesses to take a stand against crime and to educate people on community projects. 

At the PEMCO booth, we ran our photo program with a twist, taking small wallet-sized photos of children to be included in a free child-ID kit. This project was spearheaded by community agent Claudia McClain who wants to promote community safety. Claudia explained to event attendees, "You just never know what can happen in emergency situations, and sometimes when you're flustered you can forget your child's basic information. That's what these booklets are for, to aid the authorities in finding a lost child as quickly as possible."

taking photos for child-ID kits 

Steven and Peter were busy taking photos for the child-ID kits.

measuring height for child-ID kits 

Community agent Nick measured heights so the child-ID kits had accurate information.

In addition to educational and safety booths, people roamed around playing games and taking advantage of the free pizza, hot dogs, and drinks that were offered to the community. Looking around during the National Night Out, it became clear that the Everett community means business and will continue to educate one another on ways to keep the city safe. With more than 3,000 people in attendance, we are sure that the lessons learned at the National Night Out Against Crime will last longer than just one night.

Speaking of safety, get your life jackets ready and double-check your fire extinguisher. We'll see you on the water this Friday for the Seafair Hydros! 

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