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Interbay P-Patch Community Garden: Growing Community Spirit

Wednesday, March 31, 2010by  WALLY Team

The ringing of 'The Gathering Bell,' delicious soup with fresh Northwest vegetables, an impressive winter harvest, and the kinship of close friends who share a passion for gardening and giving - it's just a typical day at the Interbay P-Patch Community Garden.  On Tuesday, Steven and I ventured west to take part in the community garden's season opening and came away with a newfound sense of neighborhood camaraderie.


The Interbay P-Patch Community Garden is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and local dignitaries commemorated the occasion at the launch of the spring gardening season.  The ceremonies began with inspirational words from Ray, Deb and Jude, all active community members who have helped build the garden from the ground up.  


What makes the community garden such a unique endeavor is its focus on togetherness.  At least one plot at every P-Patch must be a 'giving garden,' where its harvest goes directly to local food banks.  The Interbay P-Patch donates 5,000 pounds of produce to local food banks annually, and the whole Seattle community routinely exceeds 27,000 pounds in donations each year.  Ray passionately explained, 'There is something profound about growing food and giving it to your neighbors.'  He added, 'Culture grows and grows with this community garden.'  


Check out our favorite photos from the day:


interbay p patch sign 

Welcome to the P-Patch!


Ray Deb Jude kick off celebrations community members 

Community members Ray, Deb and Jude help kick-off the celebrations


p patch people in action planting plants 

NW Profile #52: P-Patch People in action


fresh produce harvest interbay garden 

Fresh produce harvested from Interbay Garden


keeping warm around fire 

Taking a break to stay warm with our newest NW friends


We were fortunate to be a part of the year's very first harvest, and we hope to get another chance to till the Interbay soil. If you're interested in giving or gardening, join in the fun every Tuesday night from now through the end of the summer.  As Deb expressed, 'You grow as a person while growing great food.'  We can attest to that after just one visit!


Our next event will take us back to our soccer roots as the Sounders take on the New York Red Bulls this Saturday at Qwest Field.  We'll be planted right outside the stadium before kickoff, so get your scarf up and be sure to stop by for a souvenir photo.   

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