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Guard your boat, especially on Fridays

Tuesday, May 20, 2014by  Jon Osterberg

Women on jet skiWashington ranks fourth in the nation for watercraft theft, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Oregon ranks 19th.

Florida leads the nation in watercraft theft, by far, followed by California and Texas.

Most thefts occur during spring and summer, peaking in July. More watercraft are stolen on Fridays than any other day of the week.

Can you guess which type of craft are stolen most? Jet skis. Far behind in the No. 2 slot are runabouts, followed by fishing boats, cruisers, and sailboats.

I was going to jokingly write here that not many Unlimited class hydroplanes get stolen, although one did disappear after Seafair in the early 1980s. It turned out to have been repossessed. Then, lo and behold, I read in the NICB report that two hydroplanes were in fact stolen in 2013! One was stolen in California, the other in Oregon. It’s likely they were smaller, Limited class hydros.

One simple way to prevent trailer-boat theft​ is to make it difficult for thieves.

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