Foos Cup Champs are Crowned

Friday, October 21, 2011by  WALLY Team

Meet the 2011 Foos Cup champs

All season long, Sounders fans have stopped by the WALLY van booth to participate in the annual Foos Cup Tournament.  Players of all skill levels are welcome to compete, but the grand-prize winners have to be a cut above the rest.  

This past Saturday marked the end of the 2011 Foos Cup season, and the winning team was the Foos Bros. The hard-hitting duo's mark of 29 goals scored during a single five-minute match held strong throughout the Sounders season.  Many tried to match the feat of Rich Fosner and Allyn "Turk" Turner, legends in the Northwest foosball scene, but none succeeded.  

Last Saturday, our champions stopped by the WALLY van to collect their winnings. The tandem arrived in full costume, looking like Jake and Elwood Blues, typical of Foos Bros competition attire.

Each Bro won a soccer ball signed by a Sounder, a Sounders jersey, tickets to last Saturday's game against the Earthquakes and a Foos Cup trophy!

PEMCO also armed the Bros with a FlipCam to document the Sounders fan experience from the stands. Stayed tuned to this blog for their footage.

Away from the table, our winners masquerade as an assistant principal (Turner) and working professional (Fosner), but when there's a foosball table around, their alter egos emerge.

Even after being crowned Foos Cup champions, some dared to challenge the Foos Bros. But just as they have all season, the Bros dominated the competition.

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