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Headed out for fun on the water? We have insurance for boats and personal watercraft.

Thursday, July 19, 2018by  Jaime Layng

Jet Ski.jpgQ. Does PEMCO insure boats?

A. Yes! PEMCO writes insurance for boats, small watercraft, and personal watercraft.

When the weather turns for the better each year we typically get more calls about recreational vehicles, convertibles and sports cars, and boats and other watercraft.

With our many rivers and lakes and our easy access to saltwater, we've got a veritable playground of boating opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you plan to absorb a bit of sunshine on the deck of your boat, go fishing or kayaking, or catch some wind and waves out on the lake on your jet ski, we can help you out.

What's covered by boat insurance?

I'm sure you've already prepared your boat for the summer, but have you thought about insurance for it? Many people overlook boat insurance because it's not required by law in the way car insurance is, but a lot of things can happen when boating and consequently we offer a lot of options to protect you.

The PEMCO mariner policy can cover your boat for damage, protect you if you cause damage or injury to others, and help cover your medical costs if you're injured by a boater who lacks insurance.

In terms of protecting your boat, it's not just the vessel itself that needs protection: there's the trailer, outboard motor(s), life jackets, and other equipment, perhaps even a dinghy if your boat is large enough. We also offer coverage for fishing equipment and supplies – things that may be covered by your homeowner's insurance but could be more appropriately protected by a boat policy.

And what if your boat just breaks down and leaves you stranded? Not only do we offer emergency services coverage to pay the cost of rescuing you from a bind, you can also purchase mechanical breakdown coverage to help relieve the stress of figuring out how to pay for an unexpected repair.

Whether it's covering you when the boat is damaged, when you sustain injuries in a boating accident or at the hands of an uninsured boater, or protecting the value of your personal effects or fishing equipment, boat insurance will help you worry less. For a full description of what’s covered, be sure to talk with an agent or check the policy. Since PEMCO is a local Pacific Northwest insurer who understands that our weather isn't boat-friendly for the entirety of the year, we're able to offer very competitive rates. Click here to request a quote today!​

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