Should you buy a dash cam to monitor your teen's driving?

Thursday, November 1, 2018by  PEMCO Insurance

dash cam.If you have a new driver in your house, you know that stomach-in-your-throat moment when they drive away and you think to yourself, "Should I jump in my car and follow?"

Before you turn from Soccer Mom to Stalker Mom (or Dad), though, consider that for less than $200 you can install a dash cam that will show you every wide turn, fast stop, and awkward parking job as it unfolds. The question is, "Should you?"

As parents, we look for teachable moments. A dash cam can be a window into your teen's driving world, revealing unsafe, yet correctable, driving habits before they become ingrained. But a dash cam comes with worries of its own – not the least of which are distraction (from a camera that partially blocks the driver's view) to privacy concerns if its audio feature captures a snippet of private conversation unbeknownst to a passenger (Washington is one of 11 states that requires two-party consent when it comes to taping conversations).

PEMCO's Derek Wing sat down with Q13 Weekend Morning News to talk pros and cons of dash cams.

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