BAM Finally Friday: Night at the Museum

It was late at night in a dark museum. Sculptures came alive and the ghosts of long dead artists roamed the corridors. It sounds like the opening scene of a spooky novel—but this was no R.L. Stein paperback—this was the Finally Friday Halloween Party at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Throughout the evening local NW Profile #81 Art Gallery Crawlers dressed up as their favorite artists and stopped by to see Brad and me at the NW Profiles Photo Program.

Pablo Picasso gave us perspective and Salvador Dali was, of course, surreal, but what really blew us away was the group of eight dressed as "Gossipmongers", an eye catching ceramic piece by local artist Patti Warashina. The group recreated the explosive sculpture, on display in the upper levels of the museum, by dressing in black and draping themselves in tin-can phones and fake dynamite. It was a great example of the devotion that distinguishes the NW arts community. "In the Northwest people really get behind the artists they love," says Renata Raymond, former BAM deputy director. "Artists can develop extremely loyal followings."__ As a fiercely local insurance company, we can understand that sentiment. Check out the group's life size interpretation in our favorite photos from the event.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it won these "Gossipmongers"__1st prize in the costume contest.


Source: NPR website. Photo by__Nora Atkinson.

The museum's "Clay Throwdown" exhibition,__featuring ceramic works by__artistic talents of the greater Pacific Northwest, will be on display until January 16, 2011.

by  WALLY Team



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