WALLY in Wenatchee: Apple Blossom Art Print Reception

Every spring the PEMCO Brand Ambassadors head east to Wenatchee for the Apple Blossom Parade. This year we decided to make another trip for the Apple Blossom Art Reception where artist Steve Still, a true Wenatchee Apple King, debuted his 2013 print.

Print by Steve Still

The reception was held at local restaurant, Garlini’s, and we celebrated among friends in the room filled with laughter and clinking glasses. Earlier when we arrived, Darci, Jennifer and Monica of the Apple Blossom Festival informed us that the auction for the art print was over before it even had started!  A benefactor had called in early and bid the maximum of $2000 dollars on the print!

Cael accepting PEMCO's very own print

A big thanks to the whole Apple Blossom Festival team for the hospitality and art print copy. We always love venturing to Wenatchee and look forward to the parade this spring!

by  Elliott Nicholas



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