WALLY celebrates Earth Day in Newcastle


The WALLY team got down to Earth in Newcastle this past Saturday.

The weather was looking gloomy, but that didn’t stop the team and the many attendees like Bert the Salmon and Mascot Ranger from having a great time at the city's Earth Day festivities. 

Newcastle Earth Day offered many fun, educational activities to teach families about sustainability and ways to keep our planet healthy – definitely a place for Relentless Recyclers. Activities ranged from painting wooden birds to actually seeing live birds, such as owls and eagles!



We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet a group of Boy Scouts of America, who kicked off the event with the pledge of allegiance.

One member, Gabriel, was more than happy to express his excitement regarding the event. When asked what his favorite part of Earth Day was, he replied, “I love walking about seeing all the cool sites and how to make the world a better place!” Gabriel enthusiastically requested a picture with our PEMCO bear along with his fellow troop members, and they left with a free PEMCO flashlight that the WALLY team was giving out.

Earth Day was another successful event among many for the WALLY team. Come find us next time! 

by  Steffanie Mortera



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