Supercharged Seahawks Fans gearing up for football season at CenturyLink

CenturyLink Field was packed with Supercharged Seahawks Fans tlast weekend at the Seahawks Family Football Fest. People of all ages participated in activities such as running a 40 yard dash, getting a tour of the Seahawks locker room, meeting two of the players, and of course, getting their souvenir photos from the WALLY team to commemorate their fun-filled day!

It was great to see Seahawks fans varying in age from babies to grandparents, proving that the 12th man is alive in everyone. There’s no doubt about it, Seattleites can’t wait for football season to begin, hoping the Seahawks can pull off another great season. While the Seahawks were undefeated at home and were just one game away from the Super Bowl last season, perhaps this is our year to win it all!

While we enjoyed two days of football, family and fun, our favorite part of the weekend was definitely the tour of the Seahawks locker room. It was amazing to see where the team prepares for their games. While the tour was awesome, the best part of it was getting to see the locker room with Seahawks rookie, Christine Michaels, for his first time as well. His facial expression when he stepped on to the field for the first time was priceless, too!

This weekend made us all anxious to get into Beast Mode for the Seahawks football season. The WALLY team is excited to reconnect with Supercharged Seahawks Fans at Touchdown City, when the team hosts their first pre-season home game against the Denver Broncos in August. 

Seahawks Fans, unite!

by  Hailey Huntington



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