Study: teen auto insurance doubles the cost

Guess: How much more does it cost for parents to add a driver between age 16 and 19 to the policy?
   In Oregon, it adds 96%. In Washington, policies increase 105%.
   And if you live in Idaho, you'll pay 107% more.
   Nationally, the average increase is 84%, as calculated by Quadrant Information Services in a study reported in this Chicago Tribune article.
   The increase stems from the higher risk of accidents and tickets for teenage drivers. Males pose a higher risk, and nationally, male teens account for 96% increases compared with 72% for females.
   In many homes, teen drivers are expected to pay for their own insurance in full or in part. How about you? Post your response, whether you're a teen driver now or it's been decades since you started driving. Who pays (or paid) for your car insurance?

by  Jon Osterberg



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